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Date: 17 Jan, 2021

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Opinion How Can We Be Free From SARS, IRT & Police Brutalities? (Opinion)

Our politicians are just mouthing reforming Police in Nigeria.


SARS, IRT and police in general are becoming daring and brutal against the people everyday.


Yet the President, IGP and law makers are doing nothing about it. 


O...Read more

Opinion ‘My daughter can’t control her drinking’

Please Help!!!

My daughter is 34 with two children, and I’m worried that she’s becoming an alcoholic.

Her husband recently sent her packing because of her drinking and she now lives with her kids.

She drinks at least a bottle of wine a day. I try to help with t...Read more

Opinion House On The Rock Pastor Who Says Drinking Of Alcohol Is Not A Sin Is Wrong (OPINION)

I must start by saying that God is never a God of confusion. I must also say that God is not a respecter of any man,no matter who you are,your position,how many years you have being with God etc.

God cannot bend his word just to suit you. The twist that has being going on among Christians...Read more

Opinion SO SAD! Baby Falls From Abuja Hospital’s Top Floor, Dies

A three-month-old baby has died after falling
from the first floor of the Garki General
Hospital, Abuja, The PUNCH reports.
It was learnt that the incident occurred early on
A security guard at the hospital told The PUNCH
that the mother of the baby and...Read more

Opinion It’s still not safe to reopen schools, PTF warns states

The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has warned state governments that it is still not safe to reopen schools in the country.

PTF Chairman and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, made this known during a briefing on Monday.

The PUNCH repo...Read more

Opinion Doctors embark on indefinite strike amid spiking COVID-19 cases

Members of the National Association of
Resident Doctors (NARD ) have embarked
on an indefinite nationwide strike.
The association president Dr Aliyu
Sokomba announced this while
addressing a press conference on Monday
in Abuja .
Sokomba said that the unio...Read more

Opinion Norwich player tests positive in latest Premier League coronavirus testing

A Norwich City player is one of two people to test positive for coronavirus from the latest round of 1,200 Premier League tests.

Testing took place on Thursday and Friday, with the unnamed player involved as Norwich beat Spurs 2-1 in a friendly at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, also on Frid...Read more

Opinion Reopening Guidelines: NCDC Orders Churches, Mosques To Shut Toilets, Sales Outlets

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on
Saturday issued guidelines for the reopening
of religious centres across the country, asking
children and people aged 60 and above to
avoid worship centres for the time being.
It also said public toilets and sales outlets in
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Opinion 4 Things You Should Stop Doing that Affects Your Sperms Health

Your testicles serves as a baby factory for your sperms, where you sperm are temporarily served, sperms composition are more of proteins in nature and are very vital to men's health.

There are some lifestyle changes many men does that have immense effects on their sperm health and the...Read more

Opinion Eating Agbalumo As A Man Can Be Detrimental, Here is what it does to your fertility organs

African Apple, popularly known in Yoruba as Agbalumo, Udara in Igbo and Agwaluma in Hausa has numerous health benefits and is popularly used by traditional/herbal medical experts in treating several health problems. The scientific name for African Apple is Chrysophyllum Albidum and this frui...Read more