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Date: 17 Jan, 2021

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NEW UPDATE!! Checkout The New Great Ways To Earn On Mood Earning Program


By Admin

June 23rd, 2020







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Featured image

Do you know you can Earn ₦20,000 In A Week On Mood.Ng?

To be part of this earnings, you have to be a registered user on Mood.ng and must have upgraded your account to Premium user with ₦1000.

You earn ₦500 bonus when you successfully register your account.

The funds would instantly reflect in your wallet on your dashboard. This is the welcome bonus attached by MOOD.NG.

You earn ₦20 for Posting/ SUBMITTING well constructed original quality post to MOOD.NG - This is unlimited.

You earn ₦40 for Daily Login to MOOD.NG. Login here to MOOD.NG

You earn ₦5 for making constructive comments/forum comments on any of our news/posts posted and updated on MOOD.NG.

You earn ₦100 for sharing our Sponsored to your social media handle. 

You will have to log in to your account to share. Sponsored Posts are paid promotional post on MOOD.NG.

You earn ₦600 when you REFER your friends, family and coworkers to MOOD.NG earning

₦600 Referral EARNING will reflect in your account automatically when the user you
refer upgrade his or her account to premium with ₦1000.

The more persons you refer, the more earnings you would be making. Let’s assume, you refer 20 persons to MOOD.NG, you would be earning, let’s say ₦600 X 20 = ₦12,000 exclusively paid to you. 

MOOD.NG REFERRAL Earning is paid out to our members every Saturday of the week.

Mood Activities Earning is paid out to our members every Last Saturday Of The Month.

Note: To withdraw your "Mood Activities Earnings" at the end of the month, you must have referred at least 15 Users before the last saturday of the month which is the Mood Activities Earnings" withdrawal date.

You can also make N30,000 - N200,000 Monthly Being a merchant on Mood.ng.

You can contact us at Hellomoodng@gmail.com or Chat 08068715251 Whatsapp to learn more on how to join MOOD.NG PIN CODE Distributors.

Register And Upgrade Your Account Today To Start Earning.

Click HERE To Register

Click HERE To Upgrade

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checkmate01 avatar


7 months ago

Nice updates. Tank u very much

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7 months ago

What if I don't refer upto 15 users.. will that mean I won't be able to withdraw my MAE..

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7 months ago


Daniel1010 avatar


7 months ago

Very helping update admin

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7 months ago

Nice information..

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6 months ago


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6 months ago

Great information

Rufahin10 avatar


6 months ago

Wow!! Nice update