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Date: 27 Jan, 2021

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‘My daughter can’t control her drinking’


By Rufahin10

June 29th, 2020







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Please Help!!!

My daughter is 34 with two children, and I’m worried that she’s becoming an alcoholic.

Her husband recently sent her packing because of her drinking and she now lives with her kids.

She drinks at least a bottle of wine a day. I try to help with the children and give her money whenever she’s short, even though she has a decent job.

Everybody keeps telling me to break-off contact with her and let her stand on her own, but I’m terrified she might harm herself. I think I’m the one who needs help, so I can understand how to help her.

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Comments (6)

checkmate01 avatar


7 months ago

She need a therapist nd prayer. It not easy to get rid of addictions

Akokonso1 avatar


7 months ago

Ask your village people

MD avatar


7 months ago

She needs prayer..

Emmyyung2020 avatar


7 months ago

She needs a counseling and deliverance prayer

Rufahin10 avatar


7 months ago

Yes nah why will she be able to control it because, she has addicted to it already

Razak1010 avatar


6 months ago

She need good deliverance