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Date: 12 Aug, 2020

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How Can We Be Free From SARS, IRT & Police Brutalities? (Opinion)


By Admin

July 2nd, 2020







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Our politicians are just mouthing reforming Police in Nigeria.


SARS, IRT and police in general are becoming daring and brutal against the people everyday.


Yet the President, IGP and law makers are doing nothing about it. 


Owning a phone or computer is now a crime.


If you have been brutalised by police, tell us your experience and what can we do to put an end to this menace.

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Comments (7)

MD avatar


a month ago

Make dem. Legalise gun make we dey kill anybody

abbeykim11 avatar


a month ago

To be free from sarz desist from any illegal stuff

Emmyyung2020 avatar


a month ago

Na every day them dey do am, only money they want

Emmyyung2020 avatar


a month ago

Only God can keep one safe because they're searching for what to eat

mohammed15 avatar


a month ago

To bro obey rule and regulations

Rufahin10 avatar


a month ago

If they catch you ehn! You will surely die in jail

Razak1010 avatar


4 weeks ago

Stop illegal act