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Date: 12 Aug, 2020

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Meet This Nigerian Dwarf Who Is A Model. See Photos Of Her Modelling Styles


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July 4th, 2020







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No one is perfect, we must learn to live with one another, avoid criticism because no one can live alone, also no one is perfect. 

Some people are born with so many physical challenges, but that does not make us better than them. It doesn’t also give us the right to crucify and bully them.

They are humans created in their own unique way. Just like the saying goes, physical disorder does not hinder intellectual ability. 

No matter the physical challenges people have, don’t laugh at them, don’t ostracize them, learn to accept them just the way they are.

Meet This Nigerian Dwarf Who Is A Model

Fatima Timbo is a 22 year old famous instagram model from Nigeria, when she was younger, she was bullied by her mates and friends, that she wanted to give up on herself. She felt bad to have seen people mocking her because of her physical impairment.

At first, she wanted to break down, but in 2017, she rose on her feet and looked beyond her physical components. She saw that she had potentials that she needed to explore.

Despite her challenges, she has grown into a famous model, she has a large fan base that throw their supports at her. This goes to show that you make yourself who you want people to see you as. People will always have a wrong definition of you when you fail to define yourself positively.

Fatima is a graduate now with a first class degree.

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